UV Light on Carpet

As August supposedly heralds the high point of our Summer, we thought this month was the perfect time to look at the impact of UV light on carpet.

Why does fading occur?

When carpets are subject to a lot of sunlight – through windows or doors – the ultra violet light effectively lightens or bleaches the carpet. The degree of fading is dependent on how much light exposure the carpet has and the colour.  Rooms that are South facing are most affected, as the sunlight tends to be stronger from this direction.

In general, the darker the colour of the carpet the more obvious the fade.

Are some materials more affected than others?

Whilst fading can happen with most materials, carpets manufactured from wool, or any other natural fibre, will be more affected.

All of our nylon ranges – Maribella, Zermatt and Aspen – are IUV resistant so they won’t be affected.

Is there any protection you can add to reduce fade?

No, it’s a natural process, but usually happens gradually so you probably won’t notice it. If you have a rug or covering over part of the carpet, and then remove it, the colour change will be very noticeable.

What steps can be taken to reduce fade?

You can pull the curtains on sunny days. This can work effectively for windows, but any carpet between the door and the curtains will still fade – which can leave a noticeable strip in the door way.

Can fading be reversed?

Sadly not. Once it’s faded it is irreversible.

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