Will you be trying Thames?

Thames is a gorgeous new range from us that is a little different… A tip shear carpet which means longer loops are cut, or sheared, and shorter ones remain looped. This gives the carpet texture and shadow, creating a different look for an interior. Thames is 100% pure new wool, combined with the tip shear… Read More

Say Hello to Hamilton

Hamilton is the first of a whole raft of new ranges we are introducing. 100% pure new wool makes the carpet beautifully soft underfoot. It is a loop pile carpet which helps it to retain its good looks, making it suitable for heavy wear in both domestic and commercial settings. The carpet is available in… Read More

On the Border

A bordered carpet can be hugely impactful and is a great way to showcase design features, or add interest in more neutral areas. We have had a lot of requests for halls, landings and staircases recently, but borders can make an impact in any room. There are traditional styles and more modern, contemporary options –… Read More

Door Trims – The Ins and Outs

We offer a range of attractive door trims to finish off your carpet project. Single door is the right choice where carpet meets vinyl, wooden or other hard flooring. Double Z is perfect for joining two carpets together in a door way. So, what are the benefits of door trims? Secure carpet in place in… Read More

Introducing Buckingham

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest range – Buckingham. A pure New Zealand Wool loop pile carpet available in 4m and 5m widths. It is suitable for heavy wear, so will work anywhere in the house. Choose from a palette of eight natural soft colours named after kings and queens… Read More

The Return of an Old Favourite

We are delighted to announce that we have brought back a very popular range – Casablanca. This gorgeous pure New Zealand Wool loop pile carpet is great for heavy wear settings including stairs. The carpet is available in 4m and 5m widths. It comes in eight shades and has a “tweed” effect which sets off… Read More

Keeping Rugs looking Great

You’ve chosen a statement rug to complement the gorgeous interior you have designed for your client. But to retain that statement status it needs to continue to look great. A little judicious maintenance can keep it in tip top condition: Vacuum regularly – just like carpet, rugs need regular and thorough vacuuming to remove dust… Read More

Don’t Spare the Rod

Stair rods are a fantastic way of really showcasing a staircase. Whilst associated with more traditional settings, stair rods can also be very effective in a more contemporary home. All of our stair rods are made from 12.5mm diameter solid brass. We have a range of finishes. Our standard finishes are polished, satin and antique… Read More

Blue Friday

You can’t possibly have missed the increased trend to celebrate Black Friday in the UK – something we have taken from our American cousins. However, we have a slightly different take… We want to encourage more considered buying – being more sustainable, recycling and reusing, and reducing both waste and our carbon footprint. What’s the… Read More

The Beauty of Velvets

Velvet carpets have been a Sandringham favourite for many years, and our newest eco-friendly launches have certainly gone down a storm. So, what is a Velvet Carpet? The carpet has a dense pile with a level surface – all the strands are sheared to give a smooth finish. The yarn ends blend together, giving the… Read More

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