It’s all about the binding…

stair runner binding

Of course, the carpet or rug has to be gorgeous to start with, but that’s a given with our collections! But, there is no doubt that the right choice of binding can really set a project off wonderfully.

The binding acts a bit like a picture frame. So not only does it have the practical element of protecting and supporting the edge of the carpet or rug, but it creates impact and draws attention too.

Stair binding

What choices are available?

  • Cotton Herringbone – with a distinctive self-pattern – available in 36 colours, with everything from the usual neutral palette to vibrant red and blue
  • Linen – again with noticeable texture – available in 29 colours
  • Chenille – softer material and a muted colour palette of 9 shades
  • Cotton – slightly stiffer material – comes in 15 colours
  • Teakline – this has a two-tone effect – 10 shades in the palette
  • Leather – you can see the beauty of the natural leather grain – 14 colours available

carpet bindings

All the bindings are 120mm wide giving a finished edge of 55mm as we use the half and half method for binding.

With such a wide variety of materials and colours, there is bound to be something suitable for any project – whether you want to make a statement, or need a subtle finish to balance with another aspect of your decor.

Huge thanks to Peter Higgins of Peter James Design and Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interior Design for sharing their beautiful images with us.

Please email us at if you would like binding samples for any project.