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loop pile carpet

Some of our most popular carpet ranges are loop pile. They are wonderfully versatile, and stand the test of time very well.

What is a loop pile?

This is where the carpet yarn is threaded into the backing material, and then left in loops. The backing is treated with an adhesive to hold the loops in place and keep the carpet looking good. They give a very pleasing cushioned effect underfoot.

There are two types of loop pile carpet – level loop and multi level loop. We tend to favour the level loop style which you will see in the following ranges:

The level loop, as the name implies, means that all the loops are the same size, which gives a unified appearance to the carpet. They are highly flexible and durable, and the tight loop texture helps to reduce the appearance of marks. This makes the carpet a good choice in areas of heavy traffic.

loop pile carpet

Please check out the Naturals Collection on our website to see the full range of loop pile carpets and email us if you would like samples at

loop pile