Maribella and abandoned fishing nets – really making a difference

ECONYL turtle

Today is World Oceans Day – an annual event focused on improving the ocean environment, with a huge call on the World leaders to play their part in protecting 30% of our blue planet by 2030.

Why are we talking about this?

Because we have just partnered with the fantastic charity, Healthy Seas, to play a very small part in helping the blue planet.

Ghost divers from Healthy Seas collect abandoned fishing nets and other tackle from many of the World’s oceans and seas.

These abandoned nets, together with fabric scraps from mills and carpets destined for landfill, are transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. This yarn is then used to create clothing and carpets.

Sandringham has long been associated with beautiful, quality driven velvet pile carpets and we have managed to retain this quality and beauty in our new range – Maribella. Maribella is constructed from ECONYL®.

Keep a look out, as we will be launching this range on Tuesday 16 June.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our work with Healthy Seas and our new range.