Natural Fibres for Floors

sisal carpets

Sisal is a natural and sustainable fibre that makes a great flooring choice. They offer a rustic, more earthy look, that can work very effectively with both modern or more traditional decor.

Sisal carpet - traditional decor

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Whilst it is possible to find sisal in more vibrant colours, we have always offered a more natural colour palette, that we know interior designers prefer. We feel this is more in keeping with the material.

Sisal is very hard wearing and durable, and is suitable for a heavy domestic setting. We don’t recommend sisal for areas that are likely to get a lot of moisture.

Our ranges are available in both 4m and 5m widths, and come in a range of textures, from the traditional Cairo, to the smoother and slightly softer, boucle texture of Munich.

If you want to enhance a natural wooden or stone floor, we also offer our sisals as rugs, which can be bound with any of our large binding selection.

As a natural fibre, there are specific care instructions to ensure your sisal keeps its good looks for as long as possible. You can read our advice here: Care and Maintenance for Sisal Carpets.

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natural fibre sisal carpet