The Advantages of A Wool Carpet

A handy guide to the many advantages of a wool carpet.

Practical and Hardwearing

Wool is a naturally hardwearing fibre. It can help keep a space well insulated whilst also absorbing noise and reducing echo.

Also, it is easy to care for –  although, when it comes to spills, we would always say that a quick response to a stain is key!

You can find further advice on stains and spills in our Cleaning guide here

Luxurious and Sophisticated

Wool is soft underfoot and adds sophistication to any project due to its classic appearance and luxurious feel. There are very few carpets that feel as luxurious as a 100% wool or wool-rich carpet.

Naturally Fire Resistant

Wool is naturally flame retardant and resistant to melting when it comes into contact with heat, unlike other fibres. Difficult to ignite, Wool has a higher ignition temperature.

Good for the Environment

Wool has many advantages for the environment as well. It is a renewable material that is also biodegradable and recyclable. Its carbon footprint is much lower in comparison to the manufacture of other materials.

We carry a wide range of Wool carpets, but here is a selection of some of our favourites…

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