The Beauty of Velvets

Velvet carpet

Velvet carpets have been a Sandringham favourite for many years, and our newest eco-friendly launches have certainly gone down a storm.

So, what is a Velvet Carpet?

The carpet has a dense pile with a level surface – all the strands are sheared to give a smooth finish. The yarn ends blend together, giving the smooth appearance. Velvets are usually very soft underfoot, and certainly our faux silk and eco-friendly options deliver a great softness and texture.

Velvets do tend to show footprints and marks, so the carpets need to be regularly vacuumed and maintained to retain their beautiful appearance.

We offer care and maintenance guides for all of our ranges, so please do check out our resources.

velvet carpets for designers

What Velvets do we offer?

We are so glad you asked! Top of the pops are definitely our newest carpets, the stunning Maribella and gorgeous Oceania ranges.

We are thrilled with these fantastic eco-friendly ranges – such a great way to deliver a beautiful look whilst helping the environment too. They have been enormously popular with designers, with many telling us their clients are pushing now for products that have a sustainable story.

eco friendly velvet carpets

As well as Maribella and Oceania we have four faux silk ranges – Aspen, Aspen Tones, Zermatt and Vermont. Ranging from very light cream through to black there are a range of natural and soft colour tones to fit with any decor.

Both Oceania and Aspen have thicker piles, for a very luxurious underfoot feel.

And finally, we appreciate some clients like a more traditional wool carpet, so Ashridge is the perfect choice. This is a wool blend carpet mixed with manmade fibre, available in eight colours.

Please check out our full range of velvets and contact us if you would like samples.