Understanding Tog Ratings

Have you heard the term tog rating but wasn’t sure how it applied to your project? Tog ratings are related to insulation and your choice of flooring can have a large impact on a property. Let us explain a few key points to better your understanding.

What are Tog Ratings?

A tog rating indicates the effectiveness of a materials heat insulation. The higher a material’s tog rating, the more effective it will be at retaining heat, and the better it will be as an insulating material. Both underlay and carpet carry a tog rating. There are many factors that contribute to an individual carpets or underlays tog rating including thickness and construction.

The right combination of carpet and underlay can improve an installation.

Advantages of Low Tog

The popularity of underfloor heating has increased a need for low tog carpets and underlay so that the heat can penetrate the layers. If you are working on a property with underfloor heating you will need to find out the system’s tolerance. This will help you decide an appropriate carpet and underlay to work with. The lower the rating the better the system will operate.

Advantages of High Tog

For properties that don’t have an underfloor heating system, then a higher rating should be used. This will help keep the property warm and insulated. Underlay and carpets that have high ratings can also help with noise protection and be softer underfoot.

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