Vacuum Your Carpet

vacuum your carpet

Believe it or not, July celebrates the task of vacuuming your carpets. There is even a National Vacuum Your Carpet Day, which was 4 July! But don’t worry if you missed it – we’re going to share some tips on how to keep carpets in tip top condition.

On the face of it, vacuuming seems pretty straightforward. You may be questioning why there is any need to talk about it.

Actually, you’d be surprised…

Using the wrong vacuum cleaner can cause huge damage

Some carpets are best suited to a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar – more commonly referred to as an upright cleaner.

Whilst other carpets should be maintained with a suction cleaner, which you may recognise as a cylinder cleaner.

There is no straightforward guidance around when to choose which vacuum cleaner, so please refer to our website for maintenance guides on each individual carpet.

However, here are some tips for keeping your carpet in excellent condition:

  • The frequency for when to vacuum does depend on the number of people within the home, but in general match that to the number of days. For example, if the client has four people in the house, the carpet should be vacuumed every four days, as a minimum, but we recommend every other day.
  • Ensure the vacuum cleaner is well maintained, with filters regularly replaced, and thoroughly washing the removable parts that gather grime.
  • Change the cleaner at regular intervals – old vacuum cleaners are far less effective than their modern day counterparts.
  • Make sure the vacuum is regular serviced, to ensure all parts are still functioning at maximum efficiency.
  • Maintain a steady pace when vacuuming – remember it isn’t a race! Being heavy handed, or overly fast, can cause threads to catch in the cleaner, reduce the dirt being sucked up, and ultimately damage the carpet
  • Tackle any spillage as quickly as possible after the event. It is much easier to tackle a wet stain than a dried one that has been “baked” into the carpet.

We will tackle how to handle stains on another occasion, but hopefully you will find this helpful to share with your clients.

If you would like further advice, please contact us on 020 8992 9788.