What’s underneath is important!


It’s easy to be seduced by the beauty of a great carpet. The look and the feel of a soft thick carpet is wonderful, and can help to bring a room together.

But what goes underneath the carpet can easily be overlooked, and that’s a mistake. Good quality underlay has so many benefits…

The benefits of underlay:

  • Longevity – underlay can help to increase the longevity of carpet, particularly in tandem with a good maintenance routine
  • Softness underfoot – a good underlay helps add additional depth to the carpet, absorbing weight and increasing the feeling of softness underfoot
  • Insulation – the increased thickness helps to reduce drafts at floor level and maintain warmth. Up to 15% of heat can be lost through the floor. Underlay is measured in tog ratings – like carpets and duvets. The higher the rating the warmer it will be.
  • Sound proofing – it helps to absorb noise by up to 30%. This is ideal for upstairs rooms or apartments, to reduce noise below.
  • Easy Maintenance – underlay helps to protect the carpet pile making it easier to keep clean

Underlay should be changed on a regular basis – usually when replacing the carpet. If you can hear crinkling underfoot, similar to a plastic bag under the carpet, it means the underlay backing is rotting, and it is no longer effective.

We use different underlays for different projects. Commercial settings that have heavy traffic need a different type of underlay to that selected for a domestic bedroom, for example.

We are always happy to guide you on the best choice of underlay to suit the environment and your chosen carpet. Please contact us on 020 8992 9788 for advice.